Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week 54 in Tonga

This week was pretty good, stuff that happened:

Monday: Went fishing off some tiny cliffs at the northernmost point of the island with Elder Manu and Elder Veamatahau. Love those guys haha. We caught 8 fish. The wind was crazy and the waves were insane, but we still had a good turn out. 

Wednesday: Had one of my recent converts roleplay a lesson to us instead of us reteaching her, that was way fun. Cool to see their progress. 

Thursday: Met at the temple at 11:45 for a session. That was way good, then afterwards we drove to the New Zealand owned hotel in Fuamotu for our MLC meeting with President and the other zone and sister training leaders. That was way fun, felt like I was back in America for a second. The hotel was really nice. After the meeting we played billiards, relaxed, and ate at the buffet. Then we were all given room cards by the APs to stay the night. So that was cool. Prez must have pulled some nice strings for that, expensive hotel. We had a cool home evening after dinner there with the mission presidency and so on. Then we all relaxed in our rooms, cool day.

That was the biggest things that happened this week. Enjoying the mission. Sometimes things seem to go super slowly though. Doing well. Hope all of you guys are too. 

Love y'all, Tay

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