Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Week 52 in Tonga

Things that went down this week-

Monite- Shark fishing was'nt lava unfortunately because the members coming with all of the gear were too late. But we have the gear now so we are going to go shark fishing today after netting. Should be fun. Instead of fishing last week we just went to the beach and ate icecream.

Tusite- Office visits, district mtgs, talk w/ sister Tui'one and office elders. Teachings

Pulelulu- Our fafanga brought us bread and kapa mo'a, so we decided to go to the store to buy more food, but saw the family's truck getting ready to leave, so we drove past the store in our village, not wanting them to see us buying food, and drove to Te'ekiu. Parked at the store and Soakai said "Watch them drive by and see us here", not two minutes later they drove past us hahah. Oh well. Great lesson teaching Kava about the Book of mormon. Love that guy. Really cool analogy I used comparing physics to math, teaching him about the bible and the book of mormon. Went and did baptismal interviews in Kanokupolu. 

Tu'apulelulu- HAPPY BIRTHDAY X! Went and lifted in the morning and did deadlifts. Was super dissapointed with how much muscle I've lost on the mission so far. Went to deadlift 90kgs and it was a struggle. I used to powerclean that in workouts with 30+reps no problem, so the fact that that was a struggle was really disheartening. Theres no way I could powerclean that much right now. Really really annoying. Want to be back in the shape that I used to be. Another trip to the office, Prez went on a walk with Soakai and told him our transfer. He wasnt allowed to tell me though. Also thursday, we blew so many kids minds with "miracles" hahaha. We had sooooo much fun. I've gotten really good at sleight of hand magic tricks, and I know a couple of tricks to "read peoples minds", we did a bunch of those on the kids.... man. That is sooo flipping funny. It was way fun. I did the reading minds trick on them and they were blown away " ko e mo'oni ia, na'a ne hiki ia ki he pepa!!!" At the very end, Soakai had the car keys in his pocket, I acted like I was forcing the car trunk open from afar, and he popped the trunk with the keys. Hahaha the kids went crazy. "Oku malohi aupito e fai mana a naua!!!!" - my favorite quote of the day - translated literally:"Their miracle performing is super strong!!!" Funny stuff. That night our investigators fed us fafanga. Crab salad ki ai. 

Falaite- Friday was super fun. Poteki came and hoa tolu'd with us since vito finished. So he stayed with us until this morning(monday). It was fun. Poteki is a crack up. Tons of watch and ta'ovala and kafa and slipper trading that day with all of the missionaries. We had to take the DL to kanokupolu to do interviews there, and so seven missionaries were trading up over there. I think I've gone through nearly over five hundred dollars worth of watches since being on my mission now in trades and so on. That night we went to kanokupolus baptism (all seven of us again haha) and ate the food at the feast. Good stuff. Then we had to drive to fafanga in Houma from there and eat again hahaha. Kai ke mate ki ai. 

Tokonaki- Saturday was pretty good most of the day. Fun vilo with Soakai and Poteki. Lots of laughs. Then I found out Saturday night that I'm really just staying in Fahefa. As you can imagine I was super super sad about that. That was really rough. Saturday night and all day yesterday were pretty hard days for me. Wanted to go to Vava'u really bad. But nope... Still just a zone here in Fahefa. It stinks too that Soakai got transfered, I loved being comps with him and we taught awesome lessons. Now my new comp is Elder Leka, He's a true Tongan from Tonga. No english.  Really anxious and nervous,  but Elder Leka is way cool. My tongan is going to be way better in a month. I'm starting to see more and more of the brightside. I think its going to be really good. Just wish we could have comped up in Vava'u instead of Fahefa. Oh well. Should be fun. 

Some other news,  Elder Pakalani, he's the new AP. He just finished his twelve weeks of training. He's great. So that will be fun.

Love you guys, I'm doing well, hope you're all great,  Tay

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  1. Sounds like a challenging week! I love how at the end you are happy and right back on top again!! Keep up the good work Elder I know you can do it!!!!!!