Saturday, October 15, 2016

Week 53 in Tonga

Hey Mom and Dad,                                                                                                 Oct. 9, 2016

     I'm doing alright. My new comp is really really hard. He doesn't ever want to do anything, its frustrating. I dont think he's used to working. Teaching me to be patient, it is hard. He just wants to sleep all day. Just trying to figure out how to help him want to work. I'm doing alright though. 
     Glad Luke had a good birthday, and Happy Birthday Mom. I'm glad Dad and Luke are hunting hopefully they will have fun. That would be fun if next year all of us could go. I hope Hogan will win the baseball tournament today. 
     Sharks weren't caught last week. We caught some fish though. My camera batteries were dead though. We are going again today so I'll take some pic. 

Have a good week, Love ya, Tay

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