Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 49 in Tonga

This past week was pretty good. Very busy. and ate cheesecake for the first time in over a year.

Monday: Pday was at the beach in kanokupolu, beach volleyball with the district, nice shade, climbing coconut trees and drinking coconuts. Good times. 

Tuesday: Had zone conference. It was good. First zone conference I'd ever even been too, and we were the ones doing half of the teachings. We led the first forty five minutes of the meeting, and then the APs finished off with roleplays on street contacting. Later tuesday night, we went on a vilo hoa with the APs. Hosea and Soakai stayed in Fahefa and Kilary and I worked in Havelu and in Liahona. I saw Tili matakaiongo at the temple in liahona and that was awesome. Love that guy.

Wednesday: Smashed a raw egg onto my clothes because of a magic trick gone wrong with the local kids. Haha they were so embarrased, started wiping me off with their shirts. 

Thursday: Helped an old man named Laulea do his gardening. 

Friday: Taught all the kids at the tiny elementary school nearby. Hahaha that was flipping fun. Fafanga was bread and butter... We vilo'd with the ward kids, bunch of lessons. Nancys baptismal interview. Did baptismal interviews for the sisters in matahau. 

Saturday: Went to fill up the baptismal font in teekiu for nancys baptism. That was a problem. The water was only like six inches high and we had two hours to go. So we got out the buckets. Too slow, said a prayer, and then right afterwards the pisope of the teekiu ward showed up to help us with the bucketing. Then we took the other firehose (we were already using the one to try and fill up the font) and cut that off from where it was connected, to drag it to the other side of the church to attach it to one of the faucets we were using for our buckets. Tongan ingenuity with knives and rubber and so on... But the baptismal font was ready. It all turned out great. Nancy gave a cool testimony too. I baptized her. Good stuff. 

Sunday: Confirmed Nancy a member of the church. Lessons. Ward council meetings. APs called and told us that our zone is doing a zone service project at Prince Ata's house tomorrow. 

Oh yeah!, Elder Brown and Mahe somehow got captain crunch!!! So we ate good american breakfast for the first time in over a year. Delicious. 

Good week. Busy. Ofa Atu, Elder DeSpain 

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