Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week 24 on the Island of Eua.

Hey Guys,

 Our time is short on the computer today, and will be from now on. I've been able to read everyone's emails though and I'm glad everyone is doing well. Here's a little bit of what's happened here this week. 

Love you guys,

Love, Tay 

We set out to search for the road in Pangaii that goes down to Tufu, because we were still trying to get to our appointment even though we were really late. The rain had turned everything into mud, which also meant that the roads were full of puddles of pig and animal poop smeared everywhere, deep too. There was no escape. Our feet were filthy and it was super slippery. I nearly turfed it probably ten times. That would've been really bad. I would've smelt like crap, literally.

We finally found the road to Tufu though and followed that down the mountainside into the Eua Jungle. 

We got there two hours after planned. It was awesome though. We sat at the tables under the pavilion before the hall out front, and I asked Mele if she had read the Book of Mormon at all, to which she responded that she hadn't. She then went on to tell us that she wasn't going to read the Book of Mormon because she had a bad feeling about it, and that she had tried many times to read it but she never can. It was kind of weird. Then she started telling us that she enjoyed our visits and really appreciated us, and all of this stuff, but that she wasn't going to read it and she felt sorry. I told her that was alright that obviously we want her to read it because... but we aren't forcing her and it's her decision. Basically we told her we are here to invite her not to force her. Then all of a sudden I had the weirdest impression that I should ask her about if she had already been baptized in the church and what she thought about it. That seemed really really odd to me, especially considering it was completely out there and she was basically  telling us that she wasn't interested anymore. Who asks someone about being baptized when they just told you they aren't interested? Also it was weird because I felt like asking her if she'd already been baptized or not, when I already knew she hadn't been. Weird. Well anyways I did haha. "Have you been baptized into this church already? What are your thoughts about that?" Then she responded "no, but I almost was when I was younger." - "oh yeah why was that?" - "my grandpa was bishop in the Mormon church, and sometimes when I needed it, he would put his hands on my head and say a little prayer". Boom, gold! It turned into a great lesson about what the Holy Ghost does, how she can recognize him and about sincere prayer. It was really good. The spirit was really strong too. The visit went from us being dropped by her to her making sure we came back on Tuesday. And she said "ok I will definitely pray about that". Before we left she insisted on making us a squeezed orange drink. It was a cool visit. 


  1. It's a lesson to all of us to listen to and act on promptings when we get them! I'm also happy you didn't fall down in the mud and other yucky stuff!!! ❤️❤️

  2. I agree with Polly that this blog entry is a great testimony of living worthy to receive promptings from the Spirit and when we do receive them to act on them. The Lord knows His children and will prompt us in the best way to reach out to them. I feel the Spirit so strongly when I read your blog Elder DeSpain! You are truly dedicated to serving the Lord where He has planted you...even with stinky roads and the many challenges you have faced there. So honored to say you were one of my former students!! Love you!! Sister Jones Morton