Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 22 on the Island of Eua.

Hey Mom and Dad,

How've you been? I've been busy and tired. This weeks been packed. I
taught sixteen lessons with a member present, got 7 less actives and, 7 new investigators, and we have five baptismal dates right now. It's going well I just get
flipping tired. That's good that everything is going well, things running as usual, sports and all. Hopefully all goes as hoped for with tryouts this week for Hogan and Jack.  Too bad that Luke can't snowboard anymore, hard to do without snow. Thats sweet that Hogan's basketball team is in the championship. Who is his coach? Hopefully Jack's team will make it also.

The plaque is cool, except I'm thinking that I'm probably going to get home in July with all of the transfer changes now. I dont even remember that picture being taken either. Oh that's right its from here in Ohonua isn't it. That Opa's place, it looks good though.

Thank you for all of the pics. They are great. I miss the dogs, especially Gus. I doubt you're going to get any pics of me from the mission president anytime soon as I'm not going into MLC anytime soon,

at least not until Tafoya is done being trained.

I hope you guys have a good week this week and that everything goes
well. Love you All!

Love, Tay

Some bits from his journal, no pics this week of Taylor, just of his feet and his attempts to fix the flip flop that he is determined to wear his whole mission. Also above I sent him a pic of his plaque hanging at the church, I finally ordered it and thought I should send him a pic of it.

After our appointment we went to the church to print out Joseph Smith History for Jen (one of our investigators) and then went to take it to her.  While we were there I asked if there was anything we could do to help her. A while ago she had mentioned some projects she was working on. We spent the next 45 minutes going over all of those things. She took us to the schools library to show us all that needed to be done there, and then showed us around her house where she wants the wooden fence for the garden. The library is maybe four shelves big, and only has little kid books. It was super tiny too and the school is literally falling apart, the ceiling is missing pieces and the wall was falling apart on the left. It will be nice to be able to help her out. Also makes you realize how fortunate I was growing up where I did and everything we had available to us. 

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